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Tutorials Program on 1st september

All the tutorials will be located in ENSEEIHT (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Electrotechnique, Electronique, Informatique, Hydraulique, Télécommunications)
2, Camichel street BP 7122 - 31130 Toulouse Cedex 7

The tutorials will begin at 9h and will finish at 17h30
There will be two coffee break at 11h and 16h and the lunch at 13h
The welcome of the participants will be from 8h30

List of Tutorials

T - 01 Soft-switching power electronics circuits and switched-capacitor converters.

Prof. Adrian Ioinovoci, Holon Academic Institute of Technology
(detailed info)

T - 02 Sensorless control of AC motors (permanent magnet synchronous motors,
induction motors).

Prof. M. Schrödl, T U Vienna
(detailed info)

T - 03 Space Vector Modulation,

Dorin O. Neacsu, Consultant, Lexington, MA, USA
(detailed info)


T - 04 A survey on direct torque control strategies of induction motor,

Yongdong Li, Hu Hu, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, Prof.Dr.Ing.
Andreas Steimel, Rhur Universitaet Bochum, Germany,
Prof. Domenico Casadei, Universita degli studi di Bologna, Italy,
Prof. Dr. Ing. Rik W.de DonckerRWTH, Aachen, Germany
(detailed info)

T - 05 Virtual test bed: an environmental for power electronics system design and simulation,

Roger Dougal, Antonello Monti, University of South Carolina, USA
(detailed info)


T - 06 New ways of teaching power electronics and electric drives,

Prof. Ned Mohan, University of Minnesota, USA
(detailed info)

T - 07 Electromagnetic compatibility within power electronics,

Jacques Laeuffer, PSA Peugeot Citroën, France
(detailed info)

T - 08 Differential flatness in power electronics,

Emmanuel Delaleau, Northeastern University, Boston MA, USA
(detailed info)


T - 09 The design of integrated traction systems for electric and hybrid-electric vehicles,

N. Schofield, University of Sheffield, UK
(detailed info)


T - 10 Topics on advanced renewable energy systems,

Marcello G. Simões, Felix Farret, Jeferson M. Correa, Colorado School of Mines and Federal University of Santa Maria
(detailed info)

T - 11 Mitigation of Power Converter Interferences: Interaction Models –

Standardisation – Mitigation methods,
Peter H. Büchner, Dresden University of Technology
(detailed info)


T - 12 Building in reliability in power electronic systems,

by, Jorgen Moltoft, Orsted-DTU, lyngby; Johann Kolar, ETH Zürich; Mauro Ciappa, ETH Zürich; Eckhard Wolfgang, Siemens Corporate Technology München and Terchnical University Dormund; Gérard Coquery, INRETS LTN Arcueil
(detailed info)

A new tutorial is proposed from now : T - 13 Real Time Simulation of Power Electronics and Electric Drive Systems

Simon Abourida, Christian Dufour - Opal-RT Technologies
(detailed info)


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