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Guidelines and submission for full papers

The deadline to upload the papers is delayed to 31 May

A.- Instruction for the preparation of a contribution

1.- Confirmation of submission

You are requested to register on line and to upload your full paper from using the button "Registration/upload" below to access to the so-called Host.
Your personal coordinates, as indicated on the Host will be used as entry for the provisional programme. You should check it and make the necessary corrections.
Any change of affiliation or correction of coordinates will be entered via the host and only via the host.

2.- Preparation of a Contribution

In the paragraph "How to transfer your document to EPE", it is explained how you will be able to upload your paper.
Make sure that you check your personal data on the Host.
You will be able to upload your paper once the registration and the payment were received by us. So, to avoid any misunderstanding, make sure that the payment procedure has been started.

3.- Upload full paper(s)

After having received the confirmation payment by Email, you can log on the Host and choose the button "Upload full paper(s)".
Do not forget to insert an abstract in the requested screen, it will be used for the proceedings-CD-ROM.
The good execution of your upload will be confirmed by Email, which will be sent in the following hour of the upload.
Warning !!! After having executed the part "Upload full paper(s), do not forget to also fill the part "I present a paper" if you plan to present the concerned full paper(s). If not, thank you for contacting the person who will present it, asking him :

- to register at the Conference,
- to select the button "I present a paper"
- to fill his brief curriculum vitae
- to enter the number of the concerned paper, and click on "OK"

4.- Copyright

You are asked to agree, as a condition of publication, to assign the copyright of the material to the European Power Electronics Association. Although this assignment is a requirement for publication, its purpose is to control reproduction, so that inaccurate conclusions are not drawn from selective quotations from the publication.
A copyright screen is enclosed which you must validate to confirm that the material contained in your paper is released for publication. After having answered "I accept" to the question, you will have the possibility to upload your full paper(s).

5.- Deadlines

Immediately: check and eventually correct your personal coordinates
1st May 2003: copyright form, registration form (one per person and per paper) and payment
1st May 2003: full paper
20 June 2003: notification to authors of the final decision
July 2003: scheme of presentation (lecture or dialogue as requested on the notification mail) to your session chair

B.- Instructions for Electronic File Formats

EPE 2003 papers will be published in electronic format on CD-ROM.
An overview of the EPE 2003 Conference and Exhibition will be available as well.
This fully independent multimedia application will allow users to display or print papers on PC, under MS – Windows, and Mac/OS.

Your efforts to follow the guidelines are essential to ensure the integration of your documents on the CD-ROM. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee the integration of your document.
Below, you will find guidelines for file and graphic formats.

You can obtain help by e-mail at epe2003@carte-blanche.fr .
Don’t hesitate to use it before uploading your paper.

All operations need that the original file is compliant with the general guidelines.
A special care should be taken for countries that use special fonts: double byte fonts
(Asian countries), East European fonts,…
The help desk by e-mail will help you to solve these problems.

1.- File size

The papers must be limited to ten A4 pages and the file size (PDF format) should not exceed 1.5 Mb

2.- File Format

Papers should be prepared and saved in PDF format for the programme on the Web. If necessary, we will perhaps ask you to upload the original file format of your full paper (for full text indexing, abstract and keyword extraction).

3.- Fonts

Paper Title: Times New Roman – Headings : Times New Roman – Body text : Times New Roman
Formulas : SYMBOLS – MS Equation format – MathType Format

4.- Graphics

All graphics must be inserted in the PDF document. Graphics, pictures and other non-text elements could increase unnecessarily the file size. To avoid this, graphics must be prepared at the right size and color depth before including them into the final document. Avoid cropping or other distortion to ensure a good printed quality of your document.
The use of JPG or GIF format is the best solution to decrease the total file size of your document.

5.- How to transfer your document to EPE

By clicking on the “Registration / Upload” button below of on the conference site, you will enter the Host for registration and submission of the full paper.
You will first have to register for the conference and pay your registration fee.
You will then have access to a button “Upload full paper”, and to the next window that will allow you to upload your full paper(s).
Make sure your full paper is ready for upload and reviewing before starting the process. Please double check your document to avoid multiple file changes.

Your login and password will be necessary to access the host.
You will be guided into the different available procedures.

The main functions of the host allow you to:
- Verify and modify your personal information
- Register for the conference
- Book additional request(s)
- Upload your full paper(s)
- Define who will present your paper

When uploading your paper, it will be automatically renamed as: XXXX-epe2003-full-hhmmss.PDF where “XXXX” is your synopsis number and “hhmmss” the exact time of upload in the Host.

You can upload your paper only ONE time before the dead line. By uploading your paper, you expressly agree that the paper version is the one that will be included into the proceedings (CD-ROM). So, we recommand you to carefully check your paper before to uploading it.
If you make a mistake during the upload of your full paper, please send an Email to epe2003@carte-blanche.fr and explain your problem. We will solve it manually.

Your paper will be checked by Carte Blanche during the week following your upload.

If errors or problems are encountered, you will be informed and your working area will be opened again for further upload.
All questions about the host can be submitted directly into your working area.

C.- Formatting Instructions for the EPE 2003 Proceedings

(Main Title : TIMES NEW ROMAN 14 Bold, Centered Spacing : 6 pt before 18 pt after)
City, Country
Telephone number/Fax number
e-mail address
URL (if any)
(Author Information : TIMES NEW ROMAN 12 pt Centered)

"The authors have to present the paper on one column only"

1.- Acknowledgments (optional)

The acknowledgments directly follow author information (TIMES NEW ROMAN 11 pt).

2.- Keywords

Please insert the keyword list for your document (separated with « , ». Keywords are limited to the attached list.

3.- Abstract

Start the abstract on this page. Body text : TIMES NEW ROMAN 11 pt.
Type Abstract (First level head style) then the body of your text with maximum 20 lines.

4.- Margins

Set your Top, left, right and bottom margin to 1 inch (2.5 cm).

5.- Styles

First-Level Heads (Style Header 1)
First level heads are TIMES NEW ROMAN 14 points bold, in upper and lower case.
Spaces before are set to 12, spaces after to 6.
First level heads should not be more than 1 line.

Second Level Heads
Second level heads are TIMES NEW ROMAN 12 point Bold, in upper and lower case.
Spaces before and after are set to 6.
Second level heads should not be more than 1 line.

Third level heads
Third level heads are TIMES NEW ROMAN 11 point Bold, in upper and lower case.
Spaces before and after are set to 6.

Normal style
Normal style is TIMES NEW ROMAN 11 points. Between paragraphs, you should insert one blank line.

6.- Lists

• To format bullet lists, use the style « Bullets 1 ».
• For multi-level bulleted lists, use normal indentation.
To format numbered list, use the style « Numbers ».
1. Single space each items
2. For numerals, use English standards.
3. ….

7.- Equations

For equations, use the style Equations : Normal with 0,4 inch (1 cm) left indent.
In equations, you can mix TIMES and SYMBOL fonts (11 points).
You can also use the MS-EQUATION (v. 2 or upper) format or MathType format.

8.- References

References are in TIMES 10 pt. Space before and after must be set to 3 points.
Entries in reference lists are numbered to correspond to text citations.
They precede punctuation within square brackets: ex. : [1]. Do not use superscripts to preserve legibility.

For example :

[1]. U.S. Departement of Commerce. Statistical Abstract of the United States, 1990. Government Printing Office, 1997.
[2]. Agostino BORRIELLO. Using Multimedia Simulations In Security Trainings, RACE II Conference, Communication RII/1997/X22, Paris1997.
[3]. Mark R. Brown. Using Netscape 4, Simon & Schuster MacMillian, Indianapolis, Indiana 46290, USA, 1997.

9.- Figures and tables

Figures must be numbered as referred to in the text. They must have an explicit caption (normal style).
Fig. 1: Typical figure caption
Tables will have a title (Second level Heads) and be numbered using Roman numerals.
(ex : Table I, Table II,…).