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General Informations

The deadline to upload the papers is delayed to 31 May

1.- Venue

The conference will take place at the “Centre des Congrès Pierre Baudis” (A map is available on the “Travel and Location” button). It is located in the town centre.

2.- Language

English will be used in all printed documents and during the lecture sessions.

3.- Proceedings

Full paper proceedings on CD-ROM will be published by the EPE Association, Brussels, and handed out to the participants at the conference. One CD-Rom of proceedings is included in the full registration fee. Participants will be able to consult the CD-ROM on site in the “Centre des Congrès Pierre Baudis”. A special computer room will be open for this activity. In order to prepare themselves for the conference, the participants will be able to read the abstracts of all the conference papers on our web site some weeks before the conference starts. Registered participants will have access to the full papers as well.

4.- E-mail connection

To be able to consult your E-mail during the conference, you will have the possibility to connect to the internet in the special computer room. With a login to your E-mail server you will be able to read or send E-mails.

5.- Personal invitation

If a personal invitation to attend the conference is required, e.g. in the case for obtaining a visa, please contact the Conference Secretariat in Brussels :

6.- Lunches

Lunches will be served each day in the “Centre des Congrès Pierre Baudis”. One lunch ticket for each day is included in the full registration fee. All tickets will be provided at the registration desk, they have to be presented for service. Please note that the lunch ticket is valid only on the indicated day. Lunch tickets are non refundable. Some additional lunch tickets can be bought at the registration counter.

7.- Exhibition

During the EPE 2003 Conference, a commercial exhibition is organised. This is a unique opportunity to see and / or show products and have prolonged discussions with fellow specialists in the whole field of Power Electronics and Drives.
The aim of the exhibition is to promote technical discussions and business contacts between specialists in the field. The exhibition is integrated in the conference, close to the main lecture presentation halls, directly in between the dialogue presentation areas and the spots where the coffee will be served during the morning and afternoon breaks.
We expect that over 40 companies will show their products at the exhibition. Full information is available on this site under the “Sponsors and Exhibition” button. The booked stands are indicated under the “booked stands” button.

8.- Exhibitor’s Presentations

The attendees are invited to visit the exhibitors presentations which take place on Monday, 1 September 2003, 17.30. The program will be on the homepage some weeks before the conference.